Ledger1 Excel Spreadsheet File for Small Business (version 2.0)

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The most automated, full featured Excel Money Management spreadsheet you can find. Includes all the basic account balance tracking, transaction management and reporting functions in any easy to use and fully automated format.  Extras included are time accounting,  inventory tracking, financial modeling tools, invoicing, reports (balance sheet, income statement, etc) and more. 

  • System Requirements

    MS Excel version 2007 or later is required.  The cloud based version of Excel will not work since it doesn't support macros.  Older, slower computers might have trouble running Ledger1 after a significant number of transactions have been entered.  Steps can be taken to speed up Ledger1, including turning off the built in slideshow, for example.  Small businesses using the full version of Ledger1 should use faster processors and more RAM to speed up the operation of Ledger1.  Switching to the 64 bit version of Excel could also improve the performance of Ledger1.