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Ledger1 Version Comparison Chart

Ledger1 - Lite
 Ledger1 -
Home & Student
Ledger1 -Small Business
Price (US$)
$ 6.99
$ 9.99
$ 14.99
Basic Single Entry Accounting System
Unlimited Types of Accounts / Assets
Customizable Categories & Sub-Categories (up to 500)
Ability to split transactions to multiple categories (unlimited splits)
Monthly budgeting
Automated bill tracking & due date warnings
Set and track monthly spending limits
Import & export transactions and transaction related data
Special support for importing transactions from Mint
Export to tax software via Tax Exchange File (.txf format)
Foreign Currency (automated conversions of up to 10 currencies)
Customizable slideshow with random quote generator (up to 190 photos)
Custom Fields for tracking specific data (up to 30 user defined fields)
Live stock price data (15 minute delay, courtesy of IEX Trading)
Retirement Projections / Retirement Planning
Short & long term goal setting & goal monitoring
Time accounting & hourly billing features
Inventory tracking and management
Chart of Accounts (fully customizable) & other double entry accounting features
Automated & customizable business reports (Balance Sheet, Income Stmt, Bank Recon)
Automated invoicing for products or services (fully customizable invoices)
Short & long term business budgeting, projections and modeling
Our Story

Ledger1 was developed by small business owners for small business owners.  The goal was to create an easy to use Excel spreadsheet that does many of the tasks that the market leading software packages do.  We did not set out to try to duplicate all the functionality of a full accounting software package, but rather offer a simple-to-use alternative for individuals and small businesses who don't require all the advanced features offered by the big name providers.

Our Vision

Ledger1 would like to empower Excel users everywhere, whether they are sole proprietors or employed by large corporations, to use and customize Ledger1 to meet their exact needs.    We envision adding new spreadsheets in the future, that will link to Ledger1 and add functionality for different components of the business process. We also see a need to develop various Ledger1 templates customized for specific  business structures and industries.     

System Requirements

Ledger1 requires macro enabled Excel 2007 or later.  Computer speed and memory requirements are higher for users with larger data requirements (10,000 or more transactions).  Older and slower computers might not be able to use the photo slideshow feature of Ledger1.  Larger files will also benefit from using the 64 bit version of Excel instead of the 32 bit.